I think JLN is the best Pole Fitness in the North West.  I always have fun in every lesson and love coming.  It is a great excercise without knowing. I have got a new love in life and have found something that really challenges me! I only hope that one day I’ll be as good as Jess. She’s a real inspiration = ) Been coming for 12 weeks.  Jess is a fantastic teacher.  Fun and Friendly classes, would recommend it to all ages. Having had a baby fifteen months ago, I have lost nearly all my baby weight.  This gave me more will power!  I would recommend it to anybody! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, so thank you JLN Pole Fitness.  I can tick off my list before I am 50 (just another 99 to go) Fantastic workout, fun, better than any other Pole class I’ve been to. I love coming to Pole Fitness, I feel tonned since starting and have so much fun doing the lessons. I enjoy my pole classes.  Its a fun way to exercise and tone up in a relaxed enviroment.  I would recommend anybody who doesn’t like the gym gives it a go! Its helped me improve my strength a lot and its good fun.  Its good when you come out of classes and feel like you have achieved a lot. I love JLN Pole Fitness.  I had a baby in February and needed a good way to lose my baby weight.  Pole Fitness has not only helped me achieve this but is an amazing workout and loads of fun.  I am getting toned quickly and feeling the benefits.  I feel toned, healthier and happy after every lesson! Thank you! Go for it girls everyone’s lovely won’t feel daft on your own! Best thing I did well look forward to my wednesday nights now! Steph is right, I myself was hesitant but Jess and Maria are great,everyone is friendly,its great fun the only downside is its goes so quick the class is over before you know it, I look forward to my class now glad I went!!!!! I have really toned up since starting and really enjoy the lessons. I have been 3 times and I am so addicted it is great! x I love it roll on thursdays I say xx Pole Fitness is the most fun exercise I have ever experienced.  Its really addictive and Jess and her instructors are really lovely and encouraging.  I never want the lesson to end! Pole Fitness is a fun form of exercise where you learn new skills and have a good laugh.  Jess is also super duper nice as she lets us stay on spinny pole x Well done – Lovely Studio Great Fun – Tuition By A Professional! I Enjoy Every Minute Of The Class Im Really enjoying the classes and cant believe how much we have progressed in such a short space.  The classes are always friendly and fun, I always look forward to my next class. JLN Has helped me gain upper body strength and is a fun way of keeping fit without having to go to the gym. I really enjoy my lessons and feel that it has helped me gain confidence back in myself.  Thanks Michelle The JLN experience, well where do I start.  The teachers are very professional, friendly and have upmost patience.  A great way to keep fit and meet new friends.  An absolute fantastic way to get fit and lift your confidence. P.S. Your Killing Me!!!!! I feel JLN has improved my figure by doing exercise I enjoy.  I also feel it has helped my confidence grow. The lessons are amazing, cant wait to go upside down.  Always fun and never dissappointed. Excellent.  Very clean, tidy, good size classes.  Gets abit hot – sweaty palms, haha – probably just me! Friendly staff, very helpful. Been coming around 12-13 weeks and love the sessions.  Brill and will one day be a Pole Dancer!!! JLN has given me so much more confidence! Its amazing fun and Jess is an ace teacher! She’s both patient and enthusiastic and pushes you further to do moves you never thought physically possible!  I’d recommend JLN to anyone and everyone! My Fitness and strength has improved and I’ve toned up!  Plus I can make my friends jealous by telling them how good it is! I love coming each week and feel as though I’ve become a lot fitter and can feel the difference in myself thanks Jess. Brilliant.  Meeting new Friends.  Hurting in parts of my body I never thought I could.  Really fun and entertaining. The girls make you feel so relaxed and welcome and never make you feel uneasy. Only been to two sessions but I now have something to look forward to.  Had aches after 1st session so I know it works.  When I see the other girls doing awesome moves it’s scary but exciting! I come to 2 classes a week and have a great time.  Its a fun way to workout as well as meeting new people.  Highly recommend the classes but expect lots of bruises haha and pain x I really enjoy the classes they have improved my figure and strength. JLN Pole Fitness is great, Michelle and Jess are both fantastic teachers and great fun.  Love it. Boosting me self confidence & encouraging me to eat more healthily  so I can get better in class. I like it because we do different things and its fun.  I like the people who teach me. Love coming.  All make you feel welcome.  Its far from boring like your typical gym x First class really enjoying it definately coming back. It keeps me fit and I have learnt a lot in only 3 lessons. Classes really fun and instructors are really patient and helpful. Good fun, great for fitness, very sociable. I can feel my arms getting stronger and defo can feel my stomach getting more toned. JLN Pole Fitness is always fun and great exercise! Fun way to keep fit really enjoy sessions.  Improved my flexibility and strength.