JLN Pole Fitness is a well established Pole Fitness/Dance School.  JLN Pole Fitness was created in 2008 by the very inspiring and talented Jess Leanne Norris. 

In the last few years since Jess starting to post her performances on the internet she has been contacted by women from countries all around the world.  Jess has inspired thousands of women to try Pole Fitness and the benefits they have achieved are astounding. 

Jess has taught thousands of students some of which are now employed by gyms/studios to teach Pole Fitness -some have also opened their own studios!  Jess also travels to other Pole schools around the UK to run master classes.

Jess’s ability is totally unique, her ability speaks for itself.  Jess is completely self taught, her strength, drive and determination are second to none.  Jess has a personality to match, she has given her students confidence in believing in themselves and achieve what they thought ‘the impossible’. You are encouraged to get to any level you wish to achieve. Jess has designed her classes to give you not only a full body workout but they are also designed to fit each individual. You are taught not only the strength building moves but also the grace and elegance which Jess delivers with each and every routine.  With every session you will gain confidence, increase your flexibility and in no time be up to a level where you too can learn a routine if you wish.

Jess has been professionally trained in ballet, tap, and modern dance since the age of 3.  She is passionate about dance and all her years of dance experience is brought to JLN’s own professional standards. 

Jess has an incredible talent in choreographing a Pole Dance Routine.  Jess can simply be given music and deliver an outstanding freestyle routine everytime!  She can choreograph a routine for any student suiting their ability in minutes! 

Every instructor at JLN has many years previous dance experience, they have all been taught ‘Pole Fitness’ solely by Jess to a very high standard.  They have all undergone Jess’s own personal teacher training plan too.  Every level is taught in the order Jess achieved the level she is at today.  This is a great advantage to any student as Jess is completely aware of the strength and technique involved in every position and transition taught.  

The team at JLN teach beginners with spins, holds, climbs ard various other moves to increase strength.  All students have the option to move to a higher level when they are feeling confident with the level they have achieved.  Many of JLN’s students have reached advanced level in a short space of time.  Everyone’s strengths are different and JLN fully understand that.  You are taught as an individual and not just as a group.  The instructors are there to advise and assist all students throughout their session. 

JLN run sessions for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and the super advanced all week Monday – Saturday.  1 2 1 tuition also available. JLN have many event nights and partys to bring students together to have extra training time on the poles.  JLN Pole Fitness is the Largest Pole School in Lancashire with a fantastic reputation for professionalism/safety and experience. 

  • Jess Leanne Norris – Winner of ‘So You Think You’ve Got Talent 2011’
  • New Business Award 2010
  • JLN Pole Fitness promotes the goverment backed change for life scheme.
  • JLN Pole Fitness is fully insured, first aid qualified.
  • PRS Music Licenced.
  • PDC Approved.
  • All instructors have many years professional dance experience.

Jess received 3 yes’s from Britain’s got Talent judges in January 2010 infront of a crowd of 3000!  Simon Cowell said “Jess you blew me away, you couldn’t have chosen a better song!”  Jess performed to Beyonce’s ‘Halo’.  Although never televised it was a huge personal goal.

Jess has performed at many charity events.

Jess has been recognised by the worlds leading Pole Performers.

Jess has invites to teach and perform as far as China and the USA!

Jess has reached the hearts of many and changed peoples opinions regarding ‘Pole Dance’.

For many JLN sessions are not just about fitness but a great social life.

Above all else JLN Pole Fitness is about fun and feeling good about yourself. 

Join us Be fit feel alive!

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