Pole Routine Courses

Our choreographed routine courses are 1 weekly session over a 6 week period.

We currently offer the courses to our intermediate & advanced level students.  Once you are at a level where you can invert on the pole confidently then these courses are a must!

You will learn how to link movements together whilst flowing around the pole to music.  You will learn to feel the music and understand how to make your performance look dramatic.  You will also learn about grace, poise and elegance to make the whole of your routine look smooth and flawless.

Dance experience not necessary, you will be taught everything about movements during your course.

Each course is a new routine.

Here you will see our students demonstrating their routine after just 5 lessons of their course. 

Pole routine courses really increase your stamina as you get used to a continued performance on the pole, to do a 3 – 4 minute routine really does test your ability!

The course is ideal to build your confidence, you probably don’t realise just how much you have learnt during your pole fitness sessions until you do your performance.

After you have completed your course you will understand what movements look nice to certain parts of music and how to build up your performance to do some fantastic transitions.  They are a great advantage if you have a pole at home as you can create your own routines from the knowledge you will gain.

Once you have completed your course you will feel ready for the big stage!

Speak with your instructor if you would like to join the course.

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