What is Pole Fitness?

Pole Fitness is the new era of exercise using a vertical pole.  Many people still mistake it for erotic pole dance. 

“I discovered Pole Fitness at the age of 14 when it wasn’t very popular.  I have never had any intentions to dance nude around a pole, unfortunately some people only understand erotic pole dance when you mention pole.

What I do and teach here at JLN is all about strength, fitness, flexibility and artistic performance. 

What Pole Fitness has done for me is incredible, my body is in amazing shape, I feel fantastic.  It isn’t a workout, its a way of life” 

Jess Leanne Norris – Founder JLN Pole Fitness Studios

Pole Fitness originates from Mallakhamb which is a traditional Indian sport where gymnasts hold poses using a vertical wooden pole or rope.  Other positions taught in a Pole Fitness session are also used by Chinese pole performers, aerial silks & hoop performers.  

                                  POLE FITNESS                     MALLAKHAMB

The images shown are high level positions

Pole Fitness sessions do NOT teach you how to dance around the pole.  The sessions are fitness based, teaching you positions on the pole using your whole body weight to increase your strength.  There are many benefits to Pole Fitness sessions, they tone the entire body, burn fat, increase flexibility and build muscle.  The sessions are also great fun, for all ages & all sizes of people.  Comfortable sports wear is worn during your sessions, shorts are a must as skin contact with the pole is essential for grip.

Our branded clothing range can be purchased here.

During your first 6 sessions on our beginner course you will be introduced to basic pole positions such as spins and how to climb the pole.  You will learn transitions (going from one move into another)  You will also experience your first invert depending on your strength.  You will notice a vast increase with your upper body strength during the first 6 weeks. 

Once you have progressed through the beginner level you have the option to move onto the more difficult levels.  You will learn harder moves and transitions on the pole. 

As with any form of fitness it takes a while to progress to the higher levels as you need to build your strength which can take several months.  The more sessions you do the faster your strength will increase. 

Here at JLN Pole Fitness we offer other courses to compliment your Pole Fitness sessions.

Flexibility courses – to improve posture & increase flexibility

Aerial Arts courses – burn calories & increase strength

Routine courses – learn grace, poise & elegance with choreographed performances

Pole extreme courses – high energy pole exercise/strength build

There are many different reasons students attend sessions.  Some attend just to get fit and tone the body; others may have a dance background and want to learn routines.  Others enjoy to compete in the many worldwide competitions which have now become massive within the Pole dance fitness industry. 

View UK Pole Artistes Championships here which was held at The Albert Halls Bolton 2011.

There is no dance experience required to join a routine course as the dance element of performing is taught during the courses.  Whatever your interest we guarantee a class to suit.  Join us today and discover just how Pole Fitness can benefit you.

JLN Pole Fitness instructor Jess demonstrating the higher level positions 

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