Flexibility Classes

It is important to include stretching and flexibility training in any exercise programme to reduce strains and sore muscles.

Doing flexibility exercise is a great way to increase your bodies’ range of movement.   Your joints and surrounding muscles which you don’t often use only have a limited range of motion.  With correct regular training and exercise your joints will become more flexible and muscles will become stronger.  Here are some benefits from regular flexibility training and exercise:

Improved blood circulation – more oxygen is released into the muscles when exercising which acts as fuel along with improving blood circulation.  Improving blood circulation improves and nourishes the muscles.

Reduces sore muscles and strains – flexibility exercise helps to reduce the soreness you may experience from physical activity.  Muscles respond better to high intensive training and adapt quickly with increased range of movement from regular stretching exercises.

Improved physical performance – often unused muscles become stiff resulting in limitation of movement.  Regular flexibility and stretching exercise will improve the physical performance of a person by enhancing range of motion and keeping joints active. 

Flexibility and stretch exercise will improve your Pole, hoop and silks skills.

Join our Flexibility session at our Westhoughton studio every Thursday at 7.15pm or our Farnworth Studio at 6pm.  Sessions are £25 for 5 weekly sessions or £6.50 drop ins.